It Contains 1.What is Anime?
2.History of Anime
3.Types of Anime
4.list of Few types of Anime
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What Is Anime?

Anime is a special type of Animation Originating From Japan,
In Japanese ,Anime a term derived from the English world Animation.
Outside Japan Anime refers specifically to animation produced in Japan, or to it's common style.

History of Anime

The earliest commercial Japanese Animations date to 1917.A characteristic art style emerged in the 1960s with the works of cartoonist Osamu Tezuka
Animation in Japan Began in the early 20th century when filmakers started to experiment with techniques pioneerd in France,Germany USA and Russia.A claim for the earliest Japanese Animationis Katsudou Shashin(1907).
In 1917,the first professional and puplicly displayed works begen to appear; animators such as Oten Shimokawa, Sietarou Kitayama and Juunichi Kouchi

Types of Anime

These days there are many types of anime,in every season of every year you will find at least 90% of these types.
Like "Shoune,Romance,Isekai,Sport and Other types we will say"

There are many types of Anime,Why?

The Main reason for this huge diversity is the large number of Mangaka and Authers,The Second reason is the studios that turn the Manga and Novels into Anime and the Third is the large turnout for the new Anime

list of Few types of Anime

Shounen Comedy Romance Sport Isekai Mystique Game Mecha
Dragon Ball Gintama Horimia Haikyuu Konosuba Code Geass Sword Art Online Mobile Suit Gundam
Bleach Saiki Kussu Tonikaku Kawaii Kuroku no Basket Tete no Yuusha Death Note No Game No Life Euruka Seven
Naruto Nanbaka Sakurasu no Pet na Kanojo Daimond no Ace Gate Fate/Zero Log Horizon Heavy Object
One Piece Tonari no Seki-kun Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoku Area no Kishi Tensei Shitara Slime Babylon Darwin's Game Youjo Senki
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